The following rules were adopted on 12th January 1992 (amended 18 November 2012)

1. The name of the Group shall be “Veterans Time Trials Association, Kent Group” hereinafter called the Group.

2. The administration of the Group shall be carried out by a Committee, consisting of a Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Recorder, Social Secretary, T.T.Secretary, Group Reporter, Editor, and 10 members, all of whom shall be elected at the Group Annual General Meeting hereinafter called “the AGM”. Seven members shall form a quorum at Committee Meetings.

3. A President shall be elected at the AGM. From 2005, the maximum number of consecutive years served shall be three. A past President may be re-elected provided any continuous period of service does not exceed three years.

4. The AGM shall be held during the month of November, the precise date and location to be decided by the Committee. Not less than 14 days notice, including a copy of the Agenda and Balance Sheet, shall be published in the Group magazine or sent by post to all members.

5. Motions for the AGM with proposer and seconder must reach the Group General Secretary 28 days before the date of the AGM.

6. A Special General Meeting may be called by the Committee, or alternatively by the Group General Secretary, on receipt of a written request signed by 10 members. All members shall be given at least 14 days notice of such a meeting with a copy of the Agenda giving details of special business to be considered.

7. Voting at a general meeting shall be by a show of hands unless the meeting should decide upon a ballot. The Chairman shall have a casting vote only. Proxy votes are not acceptable. Joint membership carries two votes.

8. The Group’s financial year shall commence on 1st August and end on 31st July after which date the Treasurer shall prepare a Balance Sheet and Accounts, which shall be audited by the Group Auditor(s) and submitted for ratification at the AGM. Auditor(s) shall be appointed at the AGM.

9. The Group Secretary shall ensure that Minutes are taken of all meetings of the Group Committee and of General Meetings.

10. The Group Treasurer shall keep proper accounts of the monies of the Group. All cheques must be signed by 2 of 4 nominated signatories – the signatories to be Treasurer, General Secretary, Editor, Chairman.

11. The Committee may appoint Sub-committees for the execution of approved functions.

12. The Group shall affiliate to those organisations decided upon at the Group AGM.

13. An inventory of club property shall be presented at the AGM by the Treasurer.

14. No rule or regulation shall be made, altered or rescinded, except at an Annual General
Meeting or Special General Meeting, when notice of such intention has been given to all members, and only when the motion is supported by not less then two thirds of the votes cast. All other motions or amendments before the said meetings shall be declared carried when supported by a simple majority of votes cast.

15. Any matter not provided for in these Rules and requiring urgent attention may be dealt with by the Committee.

16. In the event of the dissolution of the V.T.T.A. Kent Group a Special General Meeting shall be called to decide on disposal of property and assets.